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About Vaishnodevi

Maata Vaishno Devi Tour

The shrine of Vaishno Devi, the Mother Goddess, is one that millions of Indians from across the subcontinent go to on pilgrimage. Situated in the Himalayan trail foothills, the Devi’s cave is visited throughout the year by the devout. It is said that anyone who treks the Himalayan to her shrine to ask for a boon will rarely return disappointed - whether the request is for a son, an early marriage or good results in a forthcoming examination.

According to legend, Vaishno Devi took the cave for her home upon being chased by a demon, Bhairon, whom she slayed outside the shrine. A visit to the temple dedicated to Bhairon who was absolved of his sin before he died, is an obligatory part of the pilgrimage.

Katra – from where the 13.5 km. trek to the cave shrine begins is 50 km. from Jammu. The average time taken for the climb to the cave shrine is approximately six hours. Permits to enter the shrine have to be obtained in advance to avoid overcrowding. Light woolens and raincapes should be carried.