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About Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple, Delhi

Inside the capital city of Delhi lies the Baha’i Mashriqu'l-Adhkar, greater known as “Lotus Temple” because of its shape like a fifty percent opened Lotus flower constructed in white marble. It's also identified because the Taj Mahal of Modern India because of its architectural excellence for which it's won many awards and global praise. Surrounded by lush lawns and beautiful gardens, the temple can be a image from the Baha’i faith, which believes in oneness of all religions and mankind. This faith offers emphasis on prayer and meditation.

The temple is open to followers for all faiths, religions and every single stroll of existence. Folks of all religions go to this temple and offer prayers and carry out meditation right here. The temple is ideal for meditation and prayers with complete serenity. Silence is binding in the temple. Men and women are recommended to switch off their phones, cell phones, cameras, and no chatting in any way. Absolute silence is taken care of within the principal Hall of Prayer, which makes it possible for profound focus and tranquility. The type of serenity and silence that prevails is outstanding.

The temple doesn't have any deities or idols. The temple comprises of three ranks of 9 petals; each springing from a podium elevating the building above the surrounding plain. The very first two ranks curve inward, embracing the inner dome; the third layer curves outward to kind canopies more than the 9 entrances. The 9 pools depict the nine unifying spiritual paths of Baha’i Faith. It is considered that about 13000 men and women every single day or 9 folks each and every minute go to the temple. The Lotus Temple looks more lovely and elegant in the night when lit with colored lights. The temple is open everyday for tourists between 10 AM to four PM.