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About Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho Temples, Rajasthan

Khajuraho temples are perfect blend of architecture and sculpture these 85 granite and sandstone temple belong to two different religions – Brahmanism and Jainism. The whole region of the temples was enclosed by a wall, with eight gateways flanked by two golden palm trees. Khajuraho temples were built in coarse granite, grained buff, pink and pale yellow sand stone. The sculptures at Khajuraho belong mainly to three categories. The cult images of Shiva, Vishnu, Surya and the Jain Tirthankaras belong to the strictly religious class.

Western Group of Temples

Kandariya Mahadeo Temple
That is the largest temple with the group. It's 31 meters higher and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The shrine is superbly carved and etched with Gods and Goddesses. The striking features of this temple will be the arch in the entrance as well as the ceilings and pillars of the interior halls.

Chaunsat Yogini
That is the one temple in Khajuraho made of granite. It really is also the earliest surviving shrine as it really is believed to get been built in 900 A.D. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. Initially there were 65 shrines but only 35 of those nonetheless exist.

Chitragupta Temple
The temple contains a spectacular three- headed image of Lord Brahma. The strategy towards the temple is very majestic and grand as it can be flanked by lions within the north and elephants inside the south. A statue of Nandi (Lord Shiva's sacred bull) faces the shrine of the temple.

Lakshamana Temple
Just over the entrance of this temple you are able to see a beautiful depiction if your Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva together with Lakshmi. The interiors of this temple are also very beautiful.

Matangeswara Temple
Standard puja is still carried out in the Matangeswara Temple. This temple can be dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple has an eight ft shiv lingam.

Eastern Group of Temples -

These contain the following temples -

Parsvanath Temple
This is really a Jain Temple with beautiful comprehensive sculptures from which the most noteworthy are the sculptures on the northern wall of the temple. Inside the temple there's a stunning throne that faces a bull which is the emblem of Lord Adinath, the very first Jain Tirthankara. The image of Parsvanath was set up here in 1860 A.D.

Ghantai Temple
That is one more Jain temple which has a extremely fascinating frieze which depicts the 16 desires of Lord Mahavira's mother, too being a beautiful sculpture of a Jain goddess on the winged Garuda.

Adinath Temple
Because the name suggests the temple is devoted to Lord Adinath, the first Jain Tirthnakara. This temple is adorned with sculpted figures such as yakshis. Hanuman Temple - This statue could be found while moving in the Western group towards the Khajuraho village. The temple is marked by a gigantic eight ft substantial statue with the monkey God; Lord Hanuman. The temple and the statue are 1 of the oldest structures of Khajuraho; actually there is a really historical inscription around the pedestal of the statue of Hanuman, which dates again towards the time of Maharaja Harsh, 922 A.D.

Brahma Temple
This temple stands about the banks of the Khajur Sagar, also known as Ninora Tal near the Khajuraho village stands the Brahma Temple. The physique of your temple is made of granite whilst the shikhara (peak) is created of sandstone. Enshrined within the temple can be a four-faced image of Brahma. Initially this temple must are devoted to Lord Vishnu, as it can be his figure which is carved centrally on the lintel from the sanctum doorway.

Southern Group of Temples -

The 2 primary temples of this group would be the subsequent:

Dulha Deo Temple
Dulha Deo lies south of your Ghantai temple. That is the finest temple at Khajuraho also is also referred to as Kunwar Math. It houses some of the grandest sculptures which includes a number of the choicest sculptures particularly the Shalbhanjika. The temple holds inside it an ardhamanadap, mandapa, maha mandapa, antarala along with a garbha griha without any circumambulatory passage. The image of Lord Shiva around the lintel at the entrance towards the inner sanctum indicates the temple was initially dedicated to Lord Shiva. Even nowadays, the sanctum enshrines a shivlingam. The ornamentation inside and around the outdoors temple partitions are equally elaborate. Most exceptional are the photos of wizards flying singly and in pairs with their consorts. They carry weapons and garlands, brandish swords, play on musical instruments, but most uniquely have a very image of detachment on their faces.

Chattarbhuj Temple
This temple can also be referred to as the Jatkari Temple. It lies three km south of Khajuraho inside the village of Jatkari. This is a pair of two temples. One of them dedicated to Lord Shiva consists of a marble lingam. The other 1 enshrines an eleven ft large image of Chatturbhuja (Vishnu) in the sanctum with an expression of transcendental relaxed on its deal with.