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About Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan

Background of Jaisalmer is really interesting. Jaisalmer was founded by the Bhatti Rajput chieftain Rawal Jaisal in 1156. According to the regional legends, seeking a a lot more secure capital, the usurper was suggested by a saint to create a castle around the Trikuta hill. It absolutely was in fulfillment of Lord Krishna's prophecy that a distant scion of his Yadav clan would build a kingdom here. There was water around the hill, a miracle carried out by Krishna to quench the thirst of Arjuna. The hilltop provided the most secure fort location, dominating and surveying the desert for miles.

The Lunar clan of Bhattis is Krishna's descendant, valiant and most feared from the dessert marauders, perennially locked in territorial skirmishes with Jodhpur and Bikaner. 1 Bhatti scion-Gaj Singh had founded the metropolis of Ghazni in Afghanistan but eventually misplaced it to forces from Khorasan. 1 of his grandsons reclaimed Ghazni, embraced Islam, and arrived to get referred to as Chagattas (Mughals). They later plundered the land of their ancestors in between a thousand and 1025 A.D. Once more, led by Babar they arrived to discovered the Mughal Empire in India. All is part of Jaisalmer Background.

Jaisalmer lay on the camel trade route between India and Central Asia, a caravanserai for traders and earned its share of income without producing something of its own. However the rise with the shipping trade and development with the Bombay port led to its decline in importance. Jaisalmer endured a further fall in fortune when following the partition from the country; trade routes throughout the border had been sealed. Jaisalmer stood large and dry. However the two wars with Pakistan revived its strategic significance once again. Nationwide Highways and a railways monitor, and now an airs travel have brought Jaisalmer inside effortless get to from the men and women.

Tourist Attractions

Jaisalmer Fort : Jaisalmer Fort is one of the most alive of any museum, fort or palace that you are likely to pay a visit to in India. It was built in 1156 from the Rajput ruler Jaisala. About a quarter of the outdated city's population resides within the fort partitions. The fort is entered via a forbidding sequence of huge gates leading to a huge courtyard.

Jain Temples : Inside the fort walls are a group of beautifully carved Jain temples constructed among the 12th and 15th centuries. They're devoted to Rikhabdev and Sambhavanth. Gyan Bhandar or Library : Some of the oldest manuscripts of India are found in this library established like a component of Jain temples.

Desert Culture : Centre and Museum The Desert Tradition Centre and Museum is a location which gives visitors an inside see of Jaisalmer, its men and women as well as the region about it. The museum has an extensive assortment of previous coins, textile, weaponry, standard Rajasthani musical instruments and fossils discovered inside the desert.

Gadsisar Lake : The Gadsisar Lake is surely an artificial water physique that stores rainwater - in the harsh desert landscape, it turns into a main attraction along with a favorite picnic spot.

Salim Singh-Ki-Haveli : This haveli was built about 300 a long time back and part of it is still occupied. Salim Singh was the prime minister when Jaisalmer was the money of the princely state, and his mansion has a superbly arched roof with superb carved brackets in the type of peacocks. The mansion is just below the hill and it can be said, as soon as had two extra wooden storeys in an attempt to make it as higher as the Maharaja's palace, but the maharaja had the upper storeys torn down.

Patwon-Ki-Haveli :It's one with the largest and most elaborate homes in Jaisalmer. It's 5 storeys higher, extinsively carved. It can be divided into six apartments, two owned by the Archaeological Survey of India, Two by households who operate craftshops right here, and two non-public homes.

Nathmalji-Ki-Haveli : This late 19th century haveli was also a prime minister's home. This haveli was carved by two brothers, one working on the correct aspect as well as the other on the left. Yellow sandstone elephants guard the developing, as well as the front door can be a operate of artwork.

How to reach

By Air : Flights are not the very best approach to achieve Jaisalmer. Jodhpur may be the nearest airport at a distance of 500 km. Indian Airlines features a twice-weekly company to Jodhpur from Delhi.

By Rail : From Jodhpur there is a immediate train to Jaisalmer for overnight journey, besides on Wednesday. The journey will take approximately 10 hrs.

The Palace on Wheels is the most deluxe method to journey to Jaisalmer, recreating inside the coaches the ambience with the legendary palace comforts. Advance reservation needed.

By Road : Jaisalmer is 897 kilometers from Delhi; 638 kilometers from Jaipur; 285 kilometers from Jodhpur; 500 kilometers from Ajmer, and 330 kilometers from Bikaner. Most of those locations are linked to Jaisalmer by National Highway No fifteen.